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Neck tattoos

Written by Rocky Geneva on . Posted in blog

  Neck tattoos, definitely for those who wish to standout in a crowd.  Not long ago the only people that would wear one were  your hardcore outlaws and gang members. These days they’re getting more and more popular, everywhere you look there’s someone with a neck tattoo. This type of tattoo has seen  a huge increase over the last few years.

My opinion is that making the decision to get a neck tattoo should not be taken lightly as they are often hard to hide and concealing them can be rather difficult.  Most people that decide on a neck tattoo are very well informed and have a good idea of the significance in the statement they are going to make. Getting a neck tattoo is a real commitment and you should consider the  job market you’re targeting for.

Gaining in popularity for girls is the behind the neck tattoo. That can be more easily hidden by long hair and shown-off by simply pulling the hair back, or going into a pony tail.

The pain involved in getting a neck tattoo is not much different then more common areas of the body. Usually it is a little more uncomfortable but it also depends on the area of the neck. It may hurt more because there is less muscle in the neck area betwwen the skin and bone.

Neck tattoos, can be one of the most attention grabbing designs around, but think twice before.



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